The Light Of The Crystal Is Fading – Preview The Dark Crystal’s Official Sequel Out This Week

by Staff

The Power of the Dark Crystal, an official sequel to the film, is arriving in comic shops this week as the first of 12 issues from Archaia. Written by the great Simon Spurrier (Cry Havoc, Doctor Who, X-Men Legacy, Marvel Zombies, The Spire), and illustrated by Kelly and Nichole Matthews, with stellar artists on covers, the series is poised to make an impact in bringing a beloved world back to fans in the 35th anniversary year of the film.

The premise of this sequel brings readers forward in time, following the events of the film, to a point where Jen and Kira have ruled Thra as King and Queen but have in time become “distracted by power” and have fallen out of touch with good rulership. Enter Thurma, a young Fireling, who are a new race of beings living near the earth’s core ( who are part of original designs for a film sequel), and she is  tasked with stealing a shard of the Dark Crystal to restore power to her realm. On her adventure, she meets Gelfling Kensho and accidentally brings back the Skeksis and Mystics, kicking off her odyssey.
The main issue cover above is by Jae Lee and June Chung, and here are some of the variant covers for the first issue by Sana Takeda, David Petersen, and Jae Lee and June Chung:

And here’s a preview of the interior pages of The Power of the Dark Crystal #1:

Look out for The Power of the Dark Crystal #1, this Wednesday, February 22nd, in your local comic shop!
Simon Spurrier will actually be signing issue #1 of The Power of the Dark Crystal at Forbidden Planet in London on Wednesday the 22nd from 6-7PM.

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