Teens At The Forefront Of The Cold War- Look Inside The Skeptics #4, Out Today

by Staff

The Skeptics, published by Black Mask Studios, is coming up for its fourth and final issue this week, but don’t miss out on a fascinating series with a lot of historical interest and artistic charm. Written by Tini Howard, with art by Devaki Neogi, colors by Jen Hickman, and letters by Aditya Bidikar, it features two teens who fool the government agency they are working for into believing they have superpowers of telepathy and telekinesis. Faced with two young Russian agents with the same purported powers, can they somehow negotiate an uneasy truce? Our teens have to find the love in this 60s set caper. But this issue, it’s time to decide who can save the day.

The official description for this issue reads:

“GOD ONLY KNOWS.” This is it. There are fingers on red buttons on both sides of the Iron Curtain, and it’s up to our teens to save the day. When everyone stops believing, is it truly better to live free… Or die?

And here’s our look at the interiors on The Skeptics #4, out this Wednesday, February 22nd:

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