Mondo Is Releasing A Captain America: Civil War Poster By Tyler Stout Today

by Staff

Mondo has announced that a new poster featuring Captain America: Civil War by Tyler Stout will be released today.
The poster, available in three different versions, will be made available at a random time today (2/23) on There will be a limit of one version of the poster per person/household. Since purchasing more than one version is not allowed, Mondo reserve the right to cancel orders that break this rule.
Tyler Stout, whose estimable work ranges from the music industry through film posters to illustration, has really outdone himself rendering these iconic figures and fitting the wide cast of the film into a single composition.
Mondo say, regarding working with Tyler Stout:

Without question, Tyler Stout is a legend of the scene. His ability to take a multitude of characters and form a cohesive and complete composition is rare and lends itself entirely to what is easily the biggest and most hero-loaded spectacle that is Captain America: Civil War.

There will be a sepia variant, a color variant, and an extremely limited “Vibranium” variant printed on metal, which is limited to 80 pieces.
Here’s a look at the posters:

Mondo have also noted that due to changes on the Shopify platform, items you place in your shopping cart are not actually reserved for you, so if you want to make sure you get the item you are placing in your cart, you need to fully complete the checkout fairly swiftly to avoid disappointment.

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