‘You’re Either Part Of The Family Or You’re Not’ – Supergirl 2.14 May Be A Home-Wrecker

by Staff


After the lighter, almost Shakespearean comedy of Supergirl’s tussle with Mr. Mxyzptlk, our follow-up episode airing on Monday, February 27th, is going to roll right back into the serious. We did get a “nasty woman” line in 2.13 at least, a nod to actress Melissa Benoist’s own activism and the consistently feminist messages of the show, and discussing romance is not the worst platform for making key observations about gender politics.
But “Homecoming”, our next episode, fulfills on a promise of conflict we knew was coming ever since we found out that Jeremiah Danvers was not only alive, but in the hands of the wily and at time truly frightening Cadmus organization. Even if it’s the real “him”, he could easily have been reprogrammed and rehabilitated Cadmus style, forged into a weapon to disrupt Supergirl’s life and that of the DEO through his other daughter, Alex Danvers.
And we see in the extended trailer below that the divisiveness, which he may intend to cause, is well underway. Interestingly, it’s Mon-El who has some insight into the matter as Kara’s new significant other.
Here’s our extended promo for Supergirl, episode 2.14 airing on February 27th on the CW:

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