Will An Unholy Alliance Save Eden? Check Out Postal #19, Out This Week

by Staff

Postal, a comic series from Top Cow that focuses on a town full of retired criminals called Eden, in Wymoning, located as far as possible from any other human settlement, is reaching its 19th issue this week. The series has been optioned for development as a TV show by Hulu, so catching up on the comics is a good idea before you check out the show.

Written by Bryan Hill, with art by Isaac Goodhart, and cover by Linda Sejic, this issue gets combative as an internal uprising threatens to overturn the status quo in Eden and new alliances form to quell it. With criminals for parents, how will Mark figure out what Eden should be and what he can do to influence the future of the town?
Here’s our look at the interiors on Postal #19:

Look out for Postal #19, out today, March 29th, in shops.
Also out from Top Cow this week is a hardcover for Sunstone by Stjepan Sejic, a comic in which “Two women deal with modern themes of sex, relationships, and fetishism” in an “erotic romantic comedy”.

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