A Fresh New World Of Fantasy Awaits In Gogor #1

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
A young scholar named Armano and his steed, Mesmer, are on the run from a cavalry of beetle-riding warriors. They want a scroll that Armano has taken, and the young scholar knows they cannot have it. They live on a massive circle of floating islands in the sky, and Armano and Mesmer manage to escape to another one and, as a result, briefly escape his pursuers. Armano soon encounters a helping hand in the form of Wexil. Armano explains his story to Wexil, including his missions to summon a hero named Gogor at a place called Greenpeak. Wexil and his friends agree to help Armano.

Gogor #1 cover by Ken Garing
Gogor #1 cover by Ken Garing

Gogor #1 kicks off a new fantasy series from creator Ken Garing and Image Comics, and it does so with ample style, energy, and overall fun.
From its high-energy opening to its cast of quirky characters, Gogor has a lot to offer in this opening installment. Every detail of Gogor has some charm to it, and the first splash page in which you learn that Altara is a series of floating islands is absolutely breathtaking.
Armano is a bit of an awkward goof himself, and he makes for a good protagonist. His mission is personal and tied to his life as an academic. The beetle-riding antagonists, known as the Domar, have taken his school from him, and Armano rides for Greenpeak on the request of an old mentor.
Wexil and his friends are fun and interesting too, even if we don’t learn a lot about them quite yet. Each has a specific interest and quirk that makes them memorable and leave you wanting to know more.
Gogor #1 art by Ken Garing
Gogor #1 art by Ken Garing

Garing’s artwork is fantastic as well. His world and its style is immediately memorable and gives the reader a lot to explore on the page. He can depict motion and action very well, and that helps absorb the reader into what’s going on. Finally, his color work is vibrant and quite gorgeous too, giving this world the visible energy needed to keep the reader’s eyes trained on the page.
Gogor #1 is an absolute triumph and creates a new and unique fantasy world for readers to enjoy. The story, characters, and art all come together to creates something truly wonderful. This comic gets a strong recommendation. Give it a read.
Gogor #1 comes to us from writer, artist, letterer, and cover artist Ken Garing.

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