The Wyld Stallyns Ride Again In June For Bill & Ted Save The Universe

by Staff

Boom! Studios are bringing us a new series of Bill & Tedd this June, and this time they are going to party even harder. In Bill & Ted Save the Universe, we’ll see the same team who brought us Bill & Ted Go To Hell but this time the series will be on an “intergalactic” level. The Bill & Ted Go to Hell series was one of Barnes & Noble’s top graphic novel picks of March 2017, so we’re set for an interesting ride.

[Cover to issue #1 by Derek Charm]

Writer Brian Joines (Imagine Agents, Secret Identities) and artist Bachan (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, JLA Showcase 80-Page Giant) will be joined by Derek Charm (Jughead) on covers. Boom teases that the series pulls the Wyld Stallyns into a conflict on a galactic level between a group of fans trying to spread their favorite music and a “rigid alien law-enforcement officer” who definitely does not think the music is a unifying influence.
Joines says:

In ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,’ the duo was tasked with creating a song to save the universe. While they never got around to that, fast forward a couple centuries, and their music is now something galaxies fight over. In Bill & Ted Save the Universe, Bill & Ted’s music is supposed to bring peace to the cosmos, but peace doesn’t just happen overnight—there’s always resistance to anything that rattles the status quo.

Joines adds that he’s looking forward to working with Bachan on this series, to see a combination of his previous art style on Bill & Ted Go To Hell, and a ‘freak-flag’ design style that he used for their work together on Imagine Agents.
We’ll be part of this new excellent adventure from Boom! Studios in June.

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