Remender, Broom, And Canete’s The End League Gets A Dark Horse Library Edition

by Staff


Ahead of C2E2, this weekend, Dark Horse have announced a new library edition for The End League. Originally published in 2008, The End League was a New York Times best-seller by Rick Remender (Fear Agent, Tokyo Ghost), Mat Broome (X-Men, Batman) and Eric Canete (Iron Man, Martian Manhunter).

The End League Library Edition will collect all nine issues (originally two volumes) of the series and it will be presented in deluxe over-sized format.

The End League focuses on a devastated Earth’s last remaining superheroes who undertake a desperate quest to find the only artifact that can save humankind—the legendary Hammer of Thor.

The End League Library Edition will arrive in shops on September 20th, 2017.

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