Dark Matter Coffee And Heavy Metal Magazine Team Up At C2E2 To Benefit The CBLDF

by Staff

One of the first groups of folks I spoke to at C2E2 in Chicago on Friday morning was Dark Matter Coffee, who seemed to be displaying a partnership with Heavy Metal Magazine. A union of coffee and comics seemed like an undoubtedly good idea, so I had to know more.

Speaking to Dark Matter Coffee, they explained that they had teamed up with Heavy Metal to pick some of the cover art for a particular issue of the magazine, and now had limited edition coffee branded with Heavy Metal artwork. The coffee is a pre-release with full release soon. Dark Matter will be releasing another comics-related coffee in limited edition for San Diego Comic Con this year, they said.

Along with the specially packaged coffee, they have a limited edition Taarna T-Shirt on sale at their booth in commemoration of the cover they helped choose. All proceeds from the T-Shirt go to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, who are also at C2E2.
But Dark Matter are actually heavily involved in the creation of artwork for their packaging and have deep roots in the entertainment industry, as well as in comic art these days. Chicago-locals, they have several locations in the city and also sell coffee through the web. They’ve worked with music groups like Mastadon and Judas Priest to feature original art on their coffee bags.

You can find out more about Dark Matter, their partnership with Heavy Metal, and their other projects through their website right here.

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