The Defenders Trailer Brings Us The Good, The Bad, The Not-So-Ugly And The Iron Fist

by Staff

Marvel and Netflix released the trailer for their upcoming series The Defenders yesterday, and not only is it quite lengthy, but has a lot to say. While the flood of relief you may feel to finally see Daredevil and Jessica Jones in action again might be nicely counterbalanced by the return of Luke Cage to New York, if only for Clare’s sake, the biggest question mark will remain in how Iron Fist will work out in this dynamic.
Yes, some have loved the Iron Fist show, and some have really not, but either way he feels like more of a newcomer–literally not familiar with the streets of New York and not all that familiar with the way his powers will work in the real world, either.
But this trailer is really about trying to create iconic boxes to put our characters inside, naming characters by their traits, and a little flatly intoning that Iron Fist is just a “kid with a glowing fist”. But for our title purposes, in case you’re wondering it’s The Good (Luke Cage), The Bad (Jessica Jones), The Not-So-Ugly (Matt Murdock) and you get the rest.
That may be part of the dynamic, though–in every group there’s the puppy dog, arrogant newcomer who needs to learn from the group dynamic how to be wiser–and also brings in risk with their risk-taking behavior. That’ll probably be Danny Rand.
But all of these concerns don’t counter-balance the potential of the show, bringing at least three great actors together in a world we’re familiar with and finally unrolling the shared canvas we knew was possible and could be quite epic.
Here’s our official trailer:

The Defenders is set to arrive on Netflix on August 18th.

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