‘King Shark, That’s Adorable’ – The Flash Brings Back Some Old, Dangerous Friends This Week

by Staff

Last week’s episode of The Flash had fans guessing whether Savitar’s memory really could be disrupted, or if that was only a blind alley. Not to mention bringing Kaitlyn Snow/Killer Frost a little close to home for some back and forth over where her loyalties lie.
This week, not only is Snart back, but King Shark, a name which Snart finds ‘adorable’. It’s a crazy episode with unexpected twists and turns, but how does it all fit into the larger plot in the quest to save Iris West from a tragic fate? Barry has enlisted Snart to help him steal an alien power source that might power the trap necessary to capture Savitar. And King Shark is a “guard dog” for that power source.
Watch this week’s episode, on Tuesday, May 16th, at 8PM on the CW to see how it all plays out.
Here’s our promo for this week’s episode, 3.22, “Infantino Street“:

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