Image+ Magazine Will Include Original Wytches Story, Ed Piskor Strip, More Content In August

by Staff

Image Comics has announced that the “Volume 2” run of their magazine Image+ will be expanding in length and including new ongoing content, starting in August.

New content will be comprised of the return of Scott Snyder and Jock’s very popular series Wytches for its second arc, and also an original autobiographical comic strip from Ed Piskor called “Image of Youth”.
The changes will take place starting in the August 2017 issue and Publisher Eric Stephenson calls the expansion of the magazine “new and improved” starting in August.
The expansion of the magazine will run to 80 pages and Image are teasing an increase in interviews, sneak peeks, and long-form features.
Additionally, the magazine is going to return to its earlier status of being free with a copy of Diamond’s Previews Catalog as well as priced at $1.99 for consumers in August.

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