So Many Experts In Betrayal – Watch The Gotham Episode 3.20 Promo

by Staff

Now there are two birds in the roost when it comes to the criminal underworld in Gotham, with the Penguin alive and growing an army and the Riddler newly established on top with some powerful allies. Things haven’t gotten heated yet, but they are about to. Especially since everyone is willing to admit that they are experts in betrayal.

In Season 3 episode 20, coming up on Monday, May 29th, at 8pm on Fox, titled “Pretty Little Hate Machine“, we see Barbara plotting to kill Penguin (again). Of course she is! She can’t let things in the city get out of her control again. But there are actually far bigger issues for these guys as they begin to understand the role of the Court of Owls.
Here’s our fairly lengthy promo scene from our upcoming episode of Gotham:

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