Dr. Martens Pride 2017 Boots Will Benefit The Trevor Project For LGBTQ+ Youth

by Staff

Dr. Martens have released the look and style of two new boot designs for Pride Month 2017, and the proceeds of those boots will benefit The Trevor Project, a national non-profit organization for crisis intervention and suicide prevention among LGBTQ+ youth.

One of the new styles is displayed above, but there’s also a second style, and a hidden message in each pair.

Throughout June, Dr. Martens are also holding events throughout the country at their shop locations for “customizing” your docs. Here’s a schedule of those events:

Want a local artist to customize your Pride Boots? Throughout June, Dr. Martens stores across the country will hold events during their Pride weekend— here’s a list of locations, dates and times.
Santa Monica June 3 12-6pm
Boston June 8 5-7pm
Georgetown June 9 2-6pm
Portland June 12 12-7pm
Seattle June 15 5pm
Philly June 15 3-7pm
Portland June 16 9-10pm
SF Haight St. June 17 1-5pm
NYC Union Square June 22 4-8pm
Chicago State St. June 24 2pm
NYC Herald Square June 25 11am-3pm

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