Cartoonist’s Sketchbook Style Book Asks To Be Returned To Owner

by Staff

We’ve all seen the missive inside a number of sketchbooks and notebooks these days, “If found, please return to…” and you are supposed to fill in your name and address. If you’re like me, you take this opportunity to write something ridiculous, but I imagine a number of people are more careful with their notebooks.

Cartoonist Elise Gravel has taken this concept to the next level by putting it on the cover of her new sketchbook-style book from Drawn & Quarterly, and continuing the theme inside by keeping things informal. The book mimics the experience of a “found” sketchbook for readers. If Found, Please Return To…Elise Gravel is currently available from the publisher.

As you might imagine, the book is geared toward humor, and in it you’ll find monsters, imaginary friends, and the reign of grumpy creatures. This combination of realism and fantasy takes on a questioning attitude that will blend the miniscule with the massive.
Gravel’s illustrations even have a felt-marker rendering, giving them a home-grown feel, and shows the work of an emerging cartoonist sticking to a daily sketchbook schedule. In particular, Gravel is addressing the idea that “ugly drawings” are necessary to improve, and perfectionism can be a blockade in making progress as an artist.
Here’s a look at some interior pages from Gravel’s new book:

If Found Please Return To…Elise Gravel clocks in at 100 pages in four colors. You can learn more about this monstrous notebook at Drawn & Quarterly.

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