The Flash To Face New FX Heavy Foe In Season Four

by Erik Amaya

Team Flash has faced  their fair share of visual FX heavy foes in his time on The CW’s The Flash. From Zoom to Grodd to versions of the Mist and the Shade, plenty of effects wizardry went into realizing the various rogues. But according to TV Line, the team — and perhaps Barry Allen, if he’s back from the Speed Force — will face a new threat that will “put the visual effects department to the test.”
Considering The Flash successfully brought Gorilla Grodd and King Shark to the screen, that’s a pretty bold claim.
So let’s speculate. Who in the DC Comics canon is that monumentally difficult to realize? I’ll admit my thoughts immediately went to the Anti-Monitor. But you’d think he’d be more of a season five villain, right? Presuming the red skies crisis will happen sooner than the article in the time vault suggests. But short of him, who do we have? A New God? Mongul? Solaris The Tyrant Sun? None of these seem any more complicated than Grodd. Maybe they’ll introduce the Bleed and have some eldritch horror emerge from it. Tentacles and death clouds have yet to be realized effectively, even on movie budgets.
Meanwhile, the principle antagonist of the upcoming season will be The Thinker. A breath of fresh air after three seasons of speedster baddies. Unless, of course, we get the same bait-and-switch we got with Alchemy early in the third season. But one always hopes The Flash will learn from its mistakes even as its title character continues to make the same ones time and time again.
The Flash returns in the Fall.

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