Preview The Second Savage Issue Of Shirtless Bear-Fighter!

by Olly MacNamee

The first issue was a sell out success and now issue #2 is coming atcha like a bear out of a forest, this Wednesday 26th of July and we’ve managed to hunt down a few preview pages which we are presenting here like a trophy kill.
This was a fun first issue and I have no doubt the second in a five issue series will be just as entertaining. Written by Jody Leheup and Sebastian Girner with art by Mike Spicer and Nil Vendrell, go track your own copy this Wednesday.

Savage, wild-eyed bears are attacking cities across America, and only the Shirtless Bear-Fighter can stop them! But as Shirtless punches his way through wave after wave of not-so-friendly fozzies, one question looms large in his furious mind…just what is driving these bears so damn crazy? Enter…THE HILLBILLY WARLOCK!


Digitally or floppy, it’ll cost ya $3.99.

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