SDCC ’17: 4 And 3 And 2 And 1…Here Comes Broad City’s Fourth Season

by Hannah Means Shannon

Gary Catig writes:

Saturday night Broad City made its SDCC debut to a near capacity crowd. The audience was treated to a full episode from the upcoming fourth season, which was previously shown at Clusterfest last month. The episode was humorous and high energy as it followed Abbi’s transformation into a witch and Ilana seeking help to deal with her sexual dysfunction caused by the election of our current president.  There was even a running gag where any mentions of President Trump were bleeped out like all the curse words.

After the episode, the Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer danced on stage to a loud ovation and discussed what we could expect for the new season. First, they announced that they both will be directing 2 episodes each, with the just presented episode as one of Jacobson’s.  They also teased the guest stars set to appear including Jane Curtin, Fran Drescher, Wanda Sykes, Shania Twain, and RuPaul. RuPaul is to have multiple episode appearances.
They revealed that another episode this season involves Ilana and Abbi experimenting with mushrooms with their resulting hallucinogenic visuals created by Mike Perry, the man responsible for the opening credits sequence.
After a brief Q & A session, they left with one last clip, the first scene of the season premiere.  This episode is a flashback telling the origin story of Abbi’s and Ilana’s friendship.
Broad City returns this fall on Wednesdays at 10:30 pm premiering September 13, 2017.

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