The Swag Of San Diego Comic Con 2017

by Hannah Means Shannon

Well, you can’t attend a major comic convention without putting up a swag shot, can you? Especially not one as significant as San Diego Comic Con in 2017. It was a hell of a show, with a driving energy that was just as high as in previous years, but showing the same move toward intermittent calm on the show floor that started, mercifully, a couple of years ago alongside the crack down on false passes and the move toward offsite events, defraying crowds.
So, more opportunity to snag the swag, in other words!
Here’s my haul from BBC America, IDW, Hasbro, Marvel and many more booths, basically comprising everything I was intent on tracking down. I did not try to get into the madness that is the Funko booth these days, instead opting for ordering the “summer convention exclusives” that were shared with other shops online. To a fair degree of success. More updates on that will follow.
But first, the swag of San Diego Comic Con 2017:

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