Tank Girl Turns 30 In 2018 With The Wonderful World Of Tank Girl From Titan Comics

by Olly MacNamee

If the year-long celebration of Image Comics was making some of you feel old, then get ready to feel even older comic book fans, as Tank Girl marks her 30 years of publishing history next year and Titan Comics, her home for some time now, are rolling out 4 stand-alone adventures to mark the occasion, starting with Tank Girl Strikes Again as part of a collection entitled The Wonderful World of Tank Girl.
This first one-sot will be written by Alan Martin (Tank Girl co-creator) with art by Brett Parson (Tank Girl Trilogy), and will aim to act as a good as any jumping on point for new readers.

The Wonderful World of Tank Girl follows Titan Comics’ smash success Tank Girl Trilogy (Two Girls, One Tank, Gold, and World War Tank Girl). In Tank Girl Strikes Again, our anti-heroes try to pull off their biggest caper ever, but, thanks to Booga’s gormless plotting, they barely escape with their lives. This is Tank Girl on true classic, chaotic, idiotic form!

And, while 2018 seems a long way off, here’s all four covers for The Wonderful Word of Tank Girl/Tank Girl Strikes Again to whet your appetite. In a world where people are praising Wonder Woman for being a trend setter, let’s not forget Tankie and her own contribution to the rise of strong female characters some thirty years ago!
Personally, I’m loving the Penguin Classics riff by Alan Martin himself (Cover C). Which one’s your favourite?

The Wonderful World of Tank Girl #1 is available to order from August’s Diamond Previews catalogue now.
•The Wonderful World of Tank Girl #1 Cover A: Brett Parson -AUG171988
•The Wonderful World of Tank Girl #1 Cover B: Chris Wahl – AUG171989
•The Wonderful World of Tank Girl #1 Cover C: Bookshelf edition by Alan Martin -AUG171990
•The Wonderful World of Tank Girl #1 Cover D: Brett Parson Artist Edition – AUG171991

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