Marvel Reveals Lenticular Cover For Captain America #695 By Waid And Samnee

by Hannah Means Shannon

As announced during San Diego Comic Con 2017 thanks to Peter S. Svensson, Marvel Legacy will be bringing us new stories for Captain America, and a new creative team has been announced on that title.
The 53rd Marvel Legacy title will be Captain America #695. It will be helmed by creative team Mark Waid and Chris Samnee (Black Widow, Daredevil), with the two reuniting for this title.

Marvel have also unveiled the lenticular cover for Captain America #695, featuring a homage cover by Alex Ross based on the classic 1968 Iron Man #126 cover by John Romita Jr. and Bob Layton.

Marvel have also stated that a checklist for Marvel Legacy titltes will appear in the interior cover of all lenticular Homage Variants.

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