The Defenders Discuss What Brings Them Together In New Featurette

by Erik Amaya

Netflix’s UK & Ireland YouTube channel posted a new featurette with the cast of The Defenders discussing where their characters are as the miniseries begins and what draws the four together.

Somehow, I’ve managed to keep myself spoiler-free in regards to the Hand’s real plot and I’m glad this video offers little else but a place that they meet. And, I have to admit, that first moment between Luke and Danny makes up for a few of Iron Fist‘s sins. Well, not the more egregious ones, of course. But we can debate the merits of that series until Danny finds his way back to K’un-Lun.
Early reviews have indicated the series gets to a slow start, but is ultimately rewarding once the story gets into gear. That’s certainly what I’m hoping for on Friday, when The Defenders finally comes to Netflix.

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