X-Files Meets MIB, By Way Of Storage Wars In ‘Unit 44’

by Brendan M. Allen

Area 51’s storage unit falls into the wrong hands when a pair of bumbling agents forget to pay the rent. Now an alien invasion threatens Earth and the Dimwitted Duo are our only hope. Basically… We. Are. So. Screwed.

Agents Hatch and Gibson are an unlikely pair assigned to Homey Airport KXTA, the highly classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base more commonly known as Area 51. These two have mistakenly been left in charge of Area 51’s off site storage, which is literally a rented storage unit at a self-storage facility 144 miles away in Anopah, NV. Stored in Unit 44 are Cosmos Cannons, the Roswell corpses, and a hundred other US government secrets that don’t fit in the underground bunkers at Area 51.
When the duo is tasked to retrieve a particularly important artifact from Anopah, it comes to light that Gibson has neglected to pay the bill for some time, which results in the contents of the locker being sold at auction by a Dan Dotson look-alike. The story further goes off the rails when the two agents track down Chester and Ike, the two hillbillies who legally purchased the defaulted locker contents. In their overzealous efforts to apprehend the two treasure hunters, Hatch and Gibson lose the goods. Again.
Unit 44 is a silly comic that’s fun to look at. Wes Locher delivers a script that is full of ridiculous, over-the-top banter, but also has some subtle nuggets buried throughout. Locher pays homage to the X-Files, MIB, and Storage Wars before neatly poking holes in them. Eduardo Jiminez’ crisp, clean linework, bold, bright colors, and cartoony flair are perfectly suited to the story. There’s just enough realism to the artwork to catch you off guard when something absolutely bonkers pops up.

Unit 44 is 104 pages, Sci-Fi/Humor, from Alterna Press, with story and letters by Wes Locher, Illustrations and Color by Eduardo Jimenez.
It arrives in shops on 30th August 2017 and can be ordered with Diamond Code JUN17114.

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