The Dead Don’t Stay Buried In The Gravediggers Union From Wes Craig And Toby Cypress

by Hannah Means Shannon

Wes Craig (co-creator of Deadly Class) is set to launch an all-new series at Image Comics with artist Toby Cypress (Omega Men, The White Suits) which takes us well into the horror genre with The Gravediggers Union in November 2017.
Image describe the series as “chock-full of steroid zombies, monster gods, swamp vampires, ghost storms, and space monkeys”.
Deadly Class has been highly praised by fans for its focus on characterization and the real-world feel of the emotional subplots alongside the violence it reflects, and Toby Cypress has been recognized for some time as an exceptional comic artist, capable of bringing both nuance and atmosphere to his work, so combined, Craig and Cypress should make for a very impressive team on this creator-owned book.
Craig says:

With The Gravediggers Union, I tried to create an environmental horror story that mixes E.C Comics, H.P. Lovecraft’s horror, and a lot of dark humour. I’m so proud of what we’re creating, and what Toby, Niko, and Jared are doing together is some of the most original looking comics I’ve ever seen.

Cypress adds:

The Gravediggers Union is a dream project. Wes is writing and designing a fun world with mystery and humor, and I’m having a great time drawing it. I think you will see everybody involved is bringing their top effort to the title because the Gravediggers are a group that the world seems to need today. We are updating the horror genre while keeping its best aesthetics. A Ghostbusters for a hopeless age of digital social graveyards, bloodsucking brand awareness, trolling zombie followers, and creeping death landfills.

The Gravediggers Union is the story of Cole, Ortiz, and Haley, three members of a brotherhood who bury the dead in the day and make sure they stay buried at night.
According to Image, the supernatural world has gone haywire in The Gravediggers Union, and it’s all tied to a powerful cult called The Black Temple. They want to unleash ancient dark gods and bring about the end of mankind.
At the centre of this plan is Morgan, “prophet of the coming apocalypse” and Cole’s estranged daughter. Can Cole save his daughter? Can the Gravediggers save mankind? And do we even deserve to be saved?
The Gravediggers Union #1 (Diamond Code SEP170600) will be available in stores on Wednesday, November 1st. The final order cutoff from retailers is Monday, October 9th.

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