Mech Cadet Yu Now An Ongoing Series At Boom! Studios

by James Ferguson

Who doesn’t love a good giant robot story? The correct answer is “no one” as evidenced by the response to Mech Cadet Yu from BOOM! Studios.
Written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Takeshi Miyazawa, the comic was originally planned as a mini-series, but since the first issue garnered a ton of positive reviews and sold out at the distribution level, it has turned into an ongoing series.

Mech Cadet Yu is set in a world where once a year, giant robots from outer space come to Earth to bond with cadets at Sky Corps Academy to defend the world from terrifying alien beings known as the Sharg. The series follows Stanford Yu, a young janitor at the Academy who is unexpectedly chosen by one of this year’s robots. Yu is then thrown into training in an attempt to prove himself worthy of the honor bestowed upon him.
Writer Greg Pak says:

I’m hugely thrilled and so grateful to all of the readers, reviewers, and retailers who showed the first issue so much love and spread the word about the book. That kind of word-of-mouth means all the world to an underdog book about an underdog hero and his underdog robot, so thank you so much! None of this would have happened without you, and we’re doing our best to make every issue the best and most fun it can  possibly be.

Artist Takeshi Miyazawa adds:

I feel like we would just be getting on our two feet with the first four issues, so it’s going to be amazing to see where the story goes and watch Stanford and Co. face bigger threats and become even bigger heroes. Stanford has come such a long way already. I hope everyone keeps rooting for the kid!

Cameron Chittock, Boom! Studios Associate Editor of Mech Cadet Yu comments:

Greg and Takeshi are one the of most exciting pairs of collaborators in comics, creating characters with unmatched charm and heart. It’s impossible not to root for Stanford and his fellow cadets and with even more story to be told, I cannot wait for fans to see how their relationships evolve as they face worldwide threats together.

I really dug the first issue of Mech Cadet Yu. It’s full of adventure and excitement. Stanford is a relatable character that you sympathize with immediately.
Although Mech Cadet Yu #1 is sold out on the distribution level, you may still be able to find copies at your local comic shop. You can also pick it up digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.
To ensure you get the next issue, be sure to pre-order it as the final order cutoff date is August 21st, 2017. It’s scheduled for release on September 13th, 2017.

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