Banana Kitties? Funko Releases Adorable Bananya Collectibles

by Christine Marie Attardo

Have you heard of the show Bananya? It’s a Japanese anime series about cats who hide in bananas. They come out to play when people aren’t watching. Cute premise? I think so. Now the cats are joining the massive collection of Funko creations.
Here’s what Funko has to say:

Some of these adorable cats are now taking plushie and vinyl form! This series features Bananya, a Tabby Bananya, Bananyako, a Black Bananya, and a Baby Bananya!

Look at how cute they are…

They’ll be releasing in both plush and vinyl form depending on your collectible style. I have never heard of the TV show, but I am more than amused at the adorable quality of these little kitties! You can add them to your collection this Fall, so keep your eyes peeled. Until then, gaze at the detailed vinyls below.

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