Meet A Warrior Prince With A Flying Bear – Hashtag’s New Volume Of Cloud Riders

by Hannah Means Shannon

Hashtag Comics has a new volume of their popular Cloud Riders series of graphic novels coming up. The different volumes in the series focus on different characters in the saga, and in this fourth volume, Prince Gunda takes the lead. Cloud Riders is Written by David A. Rodriguez, and drawn by Riana Dorsey.
He’s a “jock with a heart of gold” alongside being a very skilled and powerful warrior. He plays for his team at the Stormcrest Colosseum but he also makes quite a figure riding on the back of his “war bear”, Klaus, soaring in the skies of the Thunder Runners kingdom. Cloud Riders Volume 4 will introduce you more firmly to this royal heir and take you on another “epic adventure” according to Hashtag.

The publisher have reported a “surge in sales” following the Russ Manning Award nomination for artist Riana Dorsey, and the series is now being enjoyed across the world as it is being published in four languages and is also being produced in Audio Books in both English and Spanish.
Characters Thais, Mambo and Leilani have all had their stories told, and Hashtag have saved Prince Gunda’s story for the last of the “Royalty” arc.
The next arc on the series, “Skyfire” is going to be a 150+ page saga telling the “tale of the Rogue Queen, our villain, and how she became the ultimate enemy of the Cloud Riders”.
The fourth book will get you ready for this next arc and completes our understanding of this group of protagonists.
Cloud Riders Book 4 will arrive in comic shops on October 4th, 2017.

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