Titan Comics To Roll Out A New Tank Girl Hardcover For Her 30th

by Olly MacNamee

As well as producing four standalone ones-shots celebrating Tank Girl’s 30th anniversary next year, Titan Comics will also be rolling out a hardback collection of odds and sods in February 2018, too. And, it sports a brand new cover created by Tank Girl co-crator and Gorillaz stalwart, Jamie Hewlett. Something of a rarity these days and so something I wanted to share with you all.

Hitting stores in February 2018, The Way of Tank Girl from Tank Girl creators Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett, and artists Brett Parsons and Ashley Wood, brings together a collection of strips, poems, covers, and extracts from Tank Girl’s 30 year career. Includes a whole bunch of rare, unseen, and brand new images. This is Tank Girl’s philosophy on life, distilled from her filthiest, dirtiest, stupidest best!

The Way of Tank Girl ($14.99, 128pp, ISBN: 9781785864636) is available from comic shops and bookstores from February 13, 2018. Retailers can order now from September’s Diamond Previews catalogue.

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