Wonder Woman Epilogue Suggests Additional DC Universe Ties

by Erik Amaya

Etta Candy reassembles the team in a clip from the special epilogue scene included in the Wonder Woman home video release. In the few seconds posted by Yahoo! Movies, she refers to something “very ancient, very powerful,” which keen observers are suggesting is a Mother Box.

Granted, without actually seeing the artifact, it’s tough to tell what it will really be. A Mother Box, the devices used by the New Gods, is a great guess as New God Steppenwolf is the big bad of Justice League. At the same time, the mention of “The Americans” could also suggest a tie to the Wonder Woman sequel, which may center on Diana’s first trip to the States. Either way, it’s nice to see Diana’s Howling Commandos together again. Hopefully the sequel will also find some way to feature them, too.
Wonder Woman is now available on digital platforms and hits disc formats on September 21st.

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