Sink Your Teeth Into The Dracula File Reprint Collection From Rebellion This Halloween

by Olly MacNamee

As part of their ongoing campaign to re-release classic UK comic books trips recently acquired through their canny buy up of old Fleetway and IPC Youth Group titles from Egmont, it makes perfect sense for Rebellion (2000AD’s publishers) to release The Dracula File for Halloween. And, that’s exactly what they’re are doing.
Written by 2000 AD stalwart Gerry Finley-Day, and featuring Eric Bradbury’s nightmarish vision of horror’s greatest icon, here’s the lowdown on this classic strip:

Fleeing vampire hunters from behind the iron Curtain, Count Dracula returns to Great Britain with an unquenchable thirst for blood! Unable to accept that the supernatural defector has slipped through his fingers, Rumanian KGB officer Stakis decides to defy his disbelieving superiors and destroy the unholy horror that has plagued the world for centuries. Will 1980s London become the Count’s permanent, new feeding ground?

And, just arrived, having been invited over my threshold, is a timely preview of this new collection from the bygone days of British comics of the 70’s and 80’s.
The Dracula File will be released in the UK on October 18th and later across the pond in the New World. Pre-order here for the UK, or here for the US of A.

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