A Poorly Planned Heist Heats Up – Preview Hard Place #2 By Doug Wagner, Nic Rummel, Charlie Kirchoff, Frank Cvetkovic

by Olly MacNamee

From the writing brains behind Plastic this summer comes Hard Place, with a second issue dropping this Wednesday, the 27th of September digitally and in stores. And we’ve wrangled up a preview for you all including the variant covers too.

Zebra and Monkey, the psychopathic idiot bank robbers, have attracted both the cops and the media to the scene of their poorly planned heist. As the local news stations broadcast their getaway, Maksim Sidorov, the most ruthless crime boss in all of Detroit, sees that his daughter is apparently being held hostage by his former wheelman, AJ Gurney. With a foot on the accelerator, the noose around AJ’s neck is only getting tighter…

Alternative cover B by Nic Rummel

Alternative cover C by Brian Stelfreeze

Hard Place #2 is available both digital and in print, both at $3.99.

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