New Happy! Trailer Sets The Tone For Syfy Series

by Erik Amaya

Syfy has released another trailer for the upcoming series Happy! and it wears its connection to executive producer Brian Taylor’s Crank films very, very proudly.

Based on the comic book by Grant Morrison and Darrick Robertson, the series stars Chrisopher Meloni as a carousing cop turned hit-man whose life gets a shot of optimism from self-proclaimed imaginary friend named Happy. He presents himself as a stuffed winged horse and tells Nick that he is the only man who can save his real best friend, a little girl in trouble. Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s Patton Oswalt lends his voice to Happy. Debi Mazar and Michael Maize also appear as a “dripping-in-Dolce mother” with a mind for vengeance and an arms dealer, respectively.
And if this trailer is anything to go by, Happy! will be one wild series. In fact, I might be more excited for this than any other late fall debut. The first season is slated for eight episodes (according to USA Today), but I wonder if anyone will be left standing to appear in a second. Also, while we’re speculating wildly, could Taylor get Morrison to write a third Crank film? That would be awesome.
Happy! debuts December 6th on Syfy.

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