Cisco May Have Overthought Barry’s New Costume In Flash Preview

by Erik Amaya

Barry’s back and all smiles. Hooray! He also has a new suit designed by Cisco to be all things for a superhero. But did he overthink it? Take a look at this trailer for next week’s episode of The Flash and judge for yourself.

First of all, that scanner function warms the heart of an old Flash fan like me. I’m also happy to see the more positive and jokey tone of the show maintained in the trailer. After seasons three’s turn into sadness and guilt, it’s nice to see the show having fun in its own premise again. Hopefully, the arrival of The Thinker won’t mess with that too much.
And as a special treat, check out this other season preview video featuring Angie‘s Donna Pescow as Barry and Iris’s couples therapist:

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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