Gentry And Nixey Bring Monster Vs. Cop Tale Vinegar Teeth To Dark Horse

by Hannah Means Shannon

Dark Horse are going to be publishing new creator-owned book Vinegar Teeth in January, courtesy of Damon Gentry(Sabertooth Swordsman) and Troy Nixey (Jenny Finn, The Black Sinister, Trout).

Vinegar Teeth is a cop story mashed up with Lovecraftian elements and a trans-dimensional monster threatening Brick City. A monster by the name of “Vinegar Teeth”.

As Dark Horse explains:
Artie Buckle is a grade ‘A’ schmuck. His excessive fondness for booze compliments his flash temper, but hold their feet to the fire, his fellow officers would agree; Artie is one helluva cop. He’s gonna need that scrap of goodwill because Brick City is under siege from its citizenry and to top it off Artie’s been saddled with the city’s newest hero as his partner; a hideous, monstrous, but completely likable, extra-dimensional being named Vinegar Teeth. Can Artie pull his head out long enough to work together with a Lovecraftian monster with a heart of gold and set Brick City back on its feet?

Nixey says:

Damon and I set out to honor and poke a little fun at our favorite genres of comics and movies. Hands down, Vinegar Teeth is the most fun I’ve ever had working in comics, I hope that fun is dripping off every page as you read it.

The first issue of Vinegar Teeth (of four) is on-sale January 24, 2018, and is available for pre-order at your local comic shop.

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