A Computer Program That Creates Our Afterlife Is Dying In LifeDeath From John Stanisci

by Hannah Means Shannon

A science fiction graphic novel is hitting the campaign road today on Kickstarter, written and drawn by comic creator John Stanisci. Stanisci is best known as an artist for DC, Marvel and IDW Comics on Spider-ManBatmanConstantine, Justice League DarkJudge DreddX Files and more.

LifeDeath is set in the year 2211, when a “fugitive scientist” on Mars discovers an “afterlife matrix”, an ancient computer program, which is an “uploading device to preserve human consciousness”. But after becoming sentient over the course of millenia, the matrix is dying. The story also takes place in another timeline, following a “current” human serving as a Martian soldier, who remembers a past life in 1944, during the Jewish uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto and is being driven “mad” by his memories.

LifeDeath debuts as a 140 page graphic novel, written and drawn by Stanisci, and produced through LifeDeath Media LLC with editor Joseph Navarra.

LifeDeath is also being supported by Emmy award winner Jared Safier, and veteran actor/producer Stelio Savante to help the graphic novel find a home as a TV series and to explore its development as a feature film.

LifeDeath is currently available on Kickstarter, with distribution to its supporters slotted for early 2018. The campaign runs until November 22nd, 2018.

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