A Lament For B’wana Beast And A Look At Next Week’s Legends of Tomorrow

by Erik Amaya


While this week’s Legends of Tomorrow was all about P.T. Barnum and Amaya’s reasons for leaving the team, there was a special cameo for fans of obscure and goofy DC Comics characters: a strongman dressed as B’wana Beast. Created by Bob Haney and Mike Sekowsky, the character has the unusual power to create chimeras out of other animals. He’s also something of a white savior stereotype, but his look and main ability are so laughable that you forgive it whenever he pops in for a cartoon or comic book cameo.
And it seems Legends was more than happy to use his minuscule costume the joke. In fact, the chances are very high that it was all just a sight gag as the character was little more than a strong man in Barnum’s troop. He was also more than happy to go along with Barnum’s plan to kidnap the Legends, so whoever he was, he’s definitely a questionable sort.
That said, since B’wana Beast has some ties to Zambezi — the nation Amaya is sworn to protect — it is possible the sight gag has a deeper meaning as her talisman has some sort of connection to Mallus, the presumed season three villain.
Or I just want there to be more to it as I love dopey DC Comics characters. I also keep hoping Supergirl finds a way to feature Space Cabbie.
Meanwhile, as this preview of next week’s episode reveals, Zari (Tala Ashe) is finally joining the team. I wonder if she has a connection to Mallus? No matter he reasons for become a Legend, I can’t wait to see what energy she brings to the Waverider and its crew of ne’er-do-wells.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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