UNBOXING! Marvel Collector Corps Thor: Ragnarok

by Christine Marie Attardo

There’s only a little over a week left until the premiere of Marvel’s sure to be-hit film, Thor: Ragnarok arrives in theaters. That also means it’s a perfect time for Funko to release their next Marvel Collector Corps box! Take a look…

As someone who subscribes to all of what Funko has to offer, I’m always surprised when the boxes begin differenlyt than usual. Sure enough, this box brought us a hat! One with the Hulk on it in fact!

Looking to spruce up your fridge? It’s your lucky day. A set of four magnets, each with their own spiffy expression.

The fun continued with a set of playing cards, making this one of the more unique set of items in Funko’s subscription boxes. Definitely good for a stocking stuffer if you’re not a card player yourself.

…but wait! There’s an even more unique item. A fidget spinner!

…and last but not least…the POP! Vinyls! A fitting Thor and Loki set to add to your collection.

What do you think of this mixture of collectibles? I like that Funko keeps adding new and exciting things to the subscription boxes to keep us on our toes. I think a lot of people associate the boxes with exclusive POP! Vinyls only, and while they are always included, there are a lot of other cool things inside too.
Thor: Ragnarok releases next Friday, November 2nd. Will you be headed to the theaters? I know I will.

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