Marvel Wants To Know What You Think Of That Double-Page Spread In Thor #700

by Hannah Means Shannon

Thor #700 came out recently, and the issue was written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by a host of artists, including Russell Dauterman, Walter Simonson, James Harren, Becky Cloonan, Das Pastoras, Chris Burnham, Andrew MacLean, Jill Thompson, Mike del Mundo, Olivier Coipel, Daniel Acuna, and Matthew Wilson.

The key issue was a “jumping on” point that ties into Legacy for readers and kicks of a storyline called “The Death of the Mighty Thor“. In #700, two characters have already been killed off, Thor’s goat Toothgnasher, and Karnilla, Queen of the Norns. Before Karnilla dies, though, she sees where the “threads of fate” are headed, and what she sees is depicted in a double-page spread by writer Jason Aaron, artist Russell Dauterman and color artist Matthew Wilson.

Writer Jason Aaron says:

You see a lot teases for upcoming stories here. Some of those stories will play out in the pages of THOR. Others will play out elsewhere, some across multiple titles. Between THOR #700 and MARVEL LEGACY #1, I’m really setting the stage for the biggest stories I’ll be doing for Marvel in 2018. Probably the biggest stories I’ve ever done for Marvel, period. You see a lot of that set-up here, and I’m beyond excited for everybody to see where it’s leading and what it means for Thor, not to mention the rest of the Marvel Universe.

The spread leaves much to be explained, and much is left to the reader to decipher.
Marvel have said: “…we want to hear our readers’ best guesses! Drop us a line at, and mark your emails ‘Okay To Print’!”
Thor #701, which may start answering some of those questions, arrives November 15th, 2017.
THOR #701
Written by JASON AARON
FOC – 10/23/17, On-Sale – 11/15/17

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