Tensions Rise In A Preview of Next Week’s Gotham

by Erik Amaya

Pyg’s debut has the city rattled. Even the Penguin needs to change tactics and Jim Gordon finds himself at odds with Harvey Bullock (again) in this preview of next week’s Gotham.

Its interesting to see Penguin employ a more traditional vigilante team to deal with Pyg. It’s also interesting to see Bullock trying his best to be a leader, such as he is, during these trying times.
Meanwhile, it looks like Bruce has someone new in his life. But since this is Gotham, her intent and identity is already in question. Some are suggesting she might be Talia Al Ghul. It’s not a bad guess as the Berlantiverse Talia is presumed dead. It would also establish their strange romance as an ongoing aspect of Bruce’s life. And if she is Talia, maybe she’ll teach him that in order to serve justice, he needs to become someone else. Some thing else.
What? Bruce and Ollie have always been compared to one another. Ollie just got to modern television first.
Gotham airs Thursdays on FOX.

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