“Troll In The Dungeon!” Would You Watch These Harry Potter B-Movies?

by Christine Marie Attardo

Lately, Pottermore has been chock full of news and fun things for all types of Harry Potter fans. In light of the spooky holiday, they released a series of B-Horror Potter posters. As I scrolled through the selection, I thought, “Would I go see these?”
What do you think? Would you?

(View the full selection here.)
I think that the Umbridge poster is surely the most terrifying, don’t you? Overall, I just love the style of these illustrations. They are quite comical when you think about it.
Pottermore, which was once just a point and click type of site, has broadened their horizons over the past few months. I find it to be refreshing. There has always been a sense of community amongst the fans of Harry Potter, but this is really starting to feel like a source of more material for something we all love. No matter how silly it is, it’s fun!
Have you signed up for Pottermore yet?

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