A Second Chance To Get Mike Mignola’s Hellboy Artist’s Edition: New Printing

by Olly MacNamee

If you couldn’t get a copy the first time round, then this second chance should not be missed.

This Artist’s Edition features the first five issues of Hellboy in Hell as well as a wealth of historic supplementary material: the first three Hellboy stories—the two initial four-pagers, produced for promotional purposes, and the 10-page story from John Byrne’s Next Men #21—plus “The Corpse,”and two other tales selected by Mignola for inclusion.

And, like previous Artist’s Editions, the whole thing has been shot from the original art to really capture the tomes and textures of all that black ink!
Here’s a preview to offer a suggestion of what it’ll look like in the wild:

Mike Mignola’s Hellboy Artist’s Edition: Hellboy in Hell and Other Stories is available Wednesday, the 8th of November from IDW.

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