Who Or What Is Stormbringer? Harbinger Renegade #0 Arrives Today

by Hannah Means Shannon

Today, Valiant’s Harbinger Renegade zero issue arrives in comic shops to set up the massive 2018 crossover event, Harbinger Wars 2. Like most Valiant zero issues, the comic is designed to give new readers a stepping stone into the Valiant Universe and set in place the main components of conflict that are coming up. Longtime readers will also want to pick this issue up as a precursor to Valiant’s 2018 plans.

Written by Rafer Roberts, illustrated by Juan Jose Ryp, with covers by Clayton Henry, Roberto De La Torre, Khari Evans, Ben Tiesma, and Ryp, this zero issue explores the “wreckage” of the Harbinger Foundation and uncovers a very significant secret, one that even Harada dreaded. And it’s known as “Stormbringer”.

At 32 pages, the comic has plenty of story to tell, and no doubt this “Stormbringer” has bearing on Harbinger Wars 2.
Here’s our teaser preview of Harbinger Renegade #0, in shops today, Wednesday, November 8th, 2017:

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