Wonder Woman 2 Moves Up Release Date Despite Delay Chatter

by Erik Amaya


Warner Bros. Pictures will release Wonder Woman 2 six weeks earlier than originally planned.
Deadline reports the studio has moved the picture from a December 13, 2019 release to November 1st of the same year. According to the site, that release weekend is wide open (free from Star Wars interference) for Diana to dominate the box office with her return as a solo superhero following this week’s Justice League.
The news may come as some surprise to those who heard star Gal Gadot was withholding her participation in the sequel until Brett Ratner, the Rush Hour director facing a number of sexual misconduct allegations — and his Ratpac Dune production company was removed from the project.
Deadline claims the rumor was false, with contracts for Gadot, director Patty Jenkins and other principals already locked. Additionally, they note Ratpac Dune is not a financier of the sequel, nor is Ratner listed as a an executive producer on Wonder Woman or its sequel. The company did invest in the first film as part of their overall deal with Warner Bros, which is set to expire with next year’s release of Rampage. Which is a rather unfortunate release to end on. That film, based on the arcade video game classic, star Dwayne Johnson as a primatologist who hopes to stop a gorilla, an alligator and a wolf of monstrous sizes from destroying cities.
It is still unclear when the Wonder Woman sequel will take place. Prior to settling her deal to return to direct, Patty Jenkins suggested a story in which Diana makes her first trip to the United States.
Wonder Woman 2 comes to theaters on November 1st, 2019.

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