Happy! Promo Humbly Suggests You Might Like The Show

by Erik Amaya

Happy! is almost here and Syfy continues to promote the holiday-tinged series with a new promo comparing it to everything from star Christopher Meloni to graphic novels to Jerry Springer:

Based on the graphic novel by Grant Morrison and Darrick Robertson, Happy! stars Meloni as Nick Sax, a carousing cop turned hit-man whose life gets a shot of optimism from a self-proclaimed imaginary friend named Happy. He presents himself as a stuffed winged horse and tells Nick that he is the only man who can save his real best friend, a little girl in trouble. It just gets crazier from there as mobsters, fanatics and sick Santas enter the fray. Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s Patton Oswalt lends his voice to Happy.
Morrison co-wrote the pilot episode with Crank co-director Brian Taylor, who also directs.
Happy! debuts December 6th on Syfy.

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