Promotions And Sideways Moves At IDW For Greg Goldstein, Ted Adams, Chris Ryall, David Hedgecock

by Olly MacNamee

IDW have made a name for themselves with the successful resurrection of Hasbro’s Transformers line of comics, and a welcome return for Rom as part of that line-up, along with other successes, including the Artist’s Editions and, now, the Black Crown imprint.
Today, they have announced a bit of a reshuffle up top. And, as a result of this, we are being told that Ted Adams, a co-founder of IDW, will be moving into looking after IDW Media Holdings:

…which in addition to IDW Publishing, also includes IDW Entertainment and CTM Media Group as its subsidiaries. In addition to his continued management of IDW Media Holdings, he will be pursuing new business opportunities across the three divisions.

Sounds like he’ll be kept busy then.
Meanwhile, Greg Goldstein has been promoted to Publisher, effective immediately.
This is what Adams had to say about Goldstein:

As company President, Greg has proven to be an invaluable asset to IDW and continues to put his heart and savvy into a company that is near and dear to me. His passion coupled with his intimate knowledge of the business will serve him well as head of publishing.

As well as these major moves, there are more too.
Chief Creative Officer Chris Ryall will once again assume the role Editor-in-Chief, while David Hedgecock will take on the newly created role of Associate Publisher.
In addition to adding Publisher to his title, Goldstein, who joined IDW in 2008 as Chief Operating Officer, will also retain the title of President.
Goldstein says:

I could not be more honored that Ted has put his trust in me to continue guiding the direction of IDW’s future in this expanded role. Equally, I have tremendous faith in Chris, David, and the rest of the IDW team to help lead us to even greater success.

So, mutual backslapping all round and a congratulations to all from us here at

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