The Valderrama Bros. Bring Us Giants From Dark Horse In December

by Hannah Means Shannon

Carlos and Miguel Valderrama, known as “The Valderrama Bros.”, are bringing their first five-issue miniseries in American comics to print at Dark Horse in December.

Giants deals with the aftermath of a cataclysm wherein “gigantic, horrifying monsters” have driven humanity into hiding underground. Two orphans discover the dangers of ambition and have to confront giant monsters outside and within.

The Valderrama Bros. say:

If there’s a constant in our work it is the fascination for one thing: Monsters. And for Giants, we’re aiming for a scale like we’ve never created before! There will be monsters, yes—but the worst of them are the ones that lurk in the human heart. Like in all good monster stories, we’re mixing shocks and excitement—and above all, something to care about. In this case, we have two young lead characters that couldn’t be farther from your typical heroes: they’re not here to save the world, but themselves. It’s their desire for a better future, regardless of how dark the present can be, that makes them feel relatable. We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring Giants to Dark Horse Comics, the home of so many of our favorite stories and talents.

Giants #1 (of five) goes on sale December 13, 2017, and is available for pre-order at your local comic shop.

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