“Son Of A NutCracker!” – Kick Off The Holiday Season With These 5 Movies

by Christine Marie Attardo

I am one of those people who really tries my hardest to not start bingeing Christmas movies until the day after Thanksgiving. For me, Black Friday also means Santa everything! Kick off your holiday season with these five movies, because everyone loves a good Christmas movie…

One: Elf. I mean, come on? It’s hilarious. I dare you not to laugh out loud once. Watching Buddy the Elf do ridiculous things in Manhattan is so entertaining.

Two: The Santa Clause. Okay, maybe you’re not into Will Farrell. How about Tim Allen? This is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies. The trilogy loses it’s steam a bit, but the first movie is a classic.

Three: Charlie Brown Christmas. I watch this one for the silly dancing scene alone. Besides that, the story has real heart. I love movies that get down to the real meaning of Christmas.

Four: Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. Speaking of the real meaning of Christmas, this is an underrated film. If you’re a Disney fan or even if you just love Beauty and the Beast, this movie will make you smile. The enchanted members of the castle are joined by a bunch of Christmas decorations with some fun musical numbers.

Five: The Holiday. While this movie covers a wide range of topics and drama, I really like the spirit interwoven throughout. Besides, who doesn’t love watching Jude Law play a Dad who invents a character named Mr. NapkinHead???
So, now you know what I’ll be doing this weekend. How about you? Do these five films fit on your Christmas movie list? Share your favorite Christmas movie with us on Twitter.

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