Wolverine After-Credit Scenes Will Tease His Whereabouts

by Hannah Means Shannon

The mysteries surrounding Wolverine are going to begin to unravel, and they are going to do so through a series of “after-credit scenes” appearing in the backs of several different comics, according to Marvel.
He has an Infinity Stone, but why was he searching for it, how did he escape his prison, and what else is he concealing?
Appearing in select issues starting this January, you’ll find teaser panels that assure fans that it’s all connected.

Senior Editor Mark Paniccia says:

Mystery has always been part of Wolverine’s DNA. He’s one of Marvel’s most interesting and popular characters. Fans are going to have a helluva ride finding out where he’s been and how he came back.

You’ll be able to track Wolverine in the following titles:
On-Sale 1/3/18
On-Sale 1/17/18
On-Sale 1/24/18

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