The After Realm – A Stunning New Webcomic From Michael Avon Oeming And Taki Soma

by Hannah Means Shannon

Michael Avon Oeming, whose work you probably know from Powers, Thor, Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye at Young Animal and more, recently announced to fans that he’ll be creating an all-new webcomic with his partner Taki Soma (Rapture, Sinergy, Bitch Planet), called The After Realm.

This fantasy series is all-ages and will be published online weekly.
The creators explain:

After Realm is about Oona Lightfoot, a young Elf that feels trapped within the safety of her realm shielded from the end of the world outside. She dreams of becoming a Ranger to reunite with her best friend who was trapped in the apocalyptic landscape of Ragnarok. The Elves safely retreated to their hidden realm of Elfheim. She discovers the very thing that keeps her from becoming a Ranger is the same thing that makes her a hero. But you’ll have to read her tale to discover that with her!

From this description you can glean some old Norse elements at work here in the comic, taking place after Ragnarok, and featuring Elvin mythology and locations, all of which are a big win in my book.

We look forward to seeing what Oeming and Soma dream up for this series!
Check it out weekly at

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