James Franco Indicates Involvement In Superhero Film; Avoids Mentioning Multiple Man

by Erik Amaya


James Franco is working on a superhero project.
Of course, Franco did not confirm which superhero he is involved with while speaking with The Hollywood Reporter. Instead, he said, “I do have a superhero that I am developing … I don’t know how much I can say. But I will say I am producing and performing in it. It’s early stages. I think probably what I can say is, like anything, there’s a need to develop more.”
The project is likely the Multiple Man project based upon Marvel’s beloved mutant Jamie Madrox. As we heard last week, 20th Century Fox is developing a film around the character, created by Len Wein in 1975, as it continues to expand its X-Men film universe. Franco was tipped to star in the earlier report.
The character came to prominence during writer Peter David’s run on X-Factor in the 1990s. Born with ability to duplicate himself, Jamie used a special suit designed by Professor Xavier to control his powers. Jamie grew up on a quiet farm until his parents were killed during a suspicious tornado incident. He went on the run, only returning the superhero community when his suit was damaged beyond easy repair. While joining X-Factor for a time, he decided to go along and start a detective agency. Eventually, that group adopted the “X-Factor” name when the previous group disbanded.
It is unclear when the film will be released as details are still being worked out.

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